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What to Use for Adult Coloring Books

What to Use for Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books takes special materials to make the images come alive and you will have to choose from an array of stuffs to give your pictures those attractive features that will lure children and even adults to take a second look at them. Still, you may not be completely knowledgeably as to which materials to use to make pictures look great after coloring them.

By carefully following this post, you will have expert advice concerning which ‘bits and pieces’ to use to make your images look happy and radiant.

Coloring Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils

Most coloring artists use Prismacolor colored pencils to highlight their work because it produces a great finish. The blend is smooth and the coloring pencils will do an excellent job on paper. The wax used to make the premier line pencils is soft and they come in a great looking thin case.

Add this coloring product to your collection and start using the pencils on your work. Once you start coloring using Prismacolor, you will immediately see a marked improvement in your art work.

Faber Castell Polychromos

Unlike the Prismacolor that is more waxed base, Polychromos belongs to the oil based family. These coloring pencils are of high grade material and many artists use them to complete their drawing projects with.  You can do without sharpening them often because they keep their point going for quite a long time.

They are tough and durable and thus will not break while you are using them. For your coloring beautification, choose color pencils that can do the job well such as Faber Castell Polychromos because they can stand up to any tough challenges that might come their way.

Sargent Art 50-Count Assorted Colored Pencils

If you are a beginner artist then Sergeant Art 50-Count Assorted Colored Pencils should be considered as your first choice of material to use in your coloring book. The colors are great to mix with and you can buy them at affordable prices.

They come in 48 different colors so you can have a wide array of coloring options to choose from. They provide subtle colors to your picture and they carry an AP certification to validate their genuineness.

Sargent Art is your best buy if you are looking for coloring material that will not stand out too bright on paper.

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Derwent inktense pencils usually cover great work in regards to carrying out your artwork needs. They have more water coloring characteristics in them and if you enjoy working with water on your pages then these awesome pencils are yours for the taking.

They are housed in a metal tin to keep them safe and in great working order at all times, unlike other pencils that you might buy in plastic casings and thus are easily breakable as a result when you or anyone come into contact with them.

Use them on normal paper in your coloring books and you will notice their beautiful display really jump out at you. Since their colors are pretty bright and bold, your art work will be able to get spotted by even the most experienced artists around.

Another type of material to use for your coloring book needs is markers.


Copic Ciao Art Markers

Copic Ciao art markers will let your artwork stand out well. They give a liquid velvet kind of coloring to your artwork and they are smooth as well. They can blend in with almost any color to give that fine finishing touch that you need to make your works look their best.

There is no overlapping problems seen when you color large portions of an image and this makes the product even more usable by coloring artists. Since Copic takes a longer time to dry on paper than other markers does, you can make mistakes when coloring and still make it good. With Copic at your service, your art world will become better and more enjoyable.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Markers

Staedtler markers are great coloring material to use in your work because they do not bleed to the other side of the paper, unlike other brand name markers. Their tips are tiny and this feature makes it easy for you to cover fine details in your work.

They can give you very high quality work and the price for them is affordable on your wallet. Using Staedtler to beautifully cover your work with an assortment of wonderful colors will place your art among those of the pros.

Other coloring art materials

Gel pens from Sakura

Sakura gel pens are works of art in themselves because they keep to their high standard for which they were created. They are easy to handle and if you are a beginner colorist, you will have no problem using them.

They do not dry up and skip like other coloring materials in their niche does and using them will make your time on the art paper experience a sense of fulfillment. Your works will become better looking because you are now using Sakura pens to complete them.


PanPastels have some great coloring pens that will keep you loving them. This type of coloring material can blend in very well with others of your coloring accessories.

They are great when needed to cover any tiny areas but are better in taking care of larger places. Therefore, if you need a coloring product to fix your background and skies with or just to fill in any white spaces around or close to your colored images, PanPastels are the right choices to use.


Using the right materials will make your adult coloring books look like they are professionally done. The various colors and different types of coloring items will give them that fresh and lasting look that can only come from colors that blend right.

Your whole art career can take off in no time as you use your drawing accessories to your advantage to produce wonderful masterpieces that you can be proud of and the world can enjoy at the same time.

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