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Weird Coloring Books The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults

Weird Coloring Books: The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults Review

Different types of people and different preferences are being considered in every industry in order for them to sell their products. It doesn’t mean that if they are the minority group they shouldn’t have the satisfaction that the majority consumers has.

Weird Coloring Books: The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults are suitable for those who are somewhat deviant in their own way or as a layman’s term ‘weird’. It doesn’t mean that this book is only for weird people, but for those who have different definition of art. Some people might view it as weird or gross just because they are not used to it.

Penny Farthing Graphics made this Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults. They already published and distributed more than 60 coloring books. Their first coloring books mostly has the same concept as with the other publishers which are mandalas and abstract illustrations or patterns. As the demand for coloring books are increasing, they expanded and made a new concept for coloring books which are weird and strange illustrations and patterns.

Some may not view it pleasing and most of the drawing and illustrations in the coloring book are not suitable for young children as they might get confused and scared.


Weird Coloring Books: The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults has a tagline that says it only contains 49 images because a person can’t handle 50 disturbing images. It only contains weird and strange illustrations without mandalas, flower patterns, animals or fancy stuff. This coloring book might seem odd because of its weirdness and craziness, but it offers a good and different concept for artists to have fun coloring.

The coloring book’s paper is a good medium weight and drawings/illustrations are only printed in one side. So there will be no worries on leaving a mark on the next page but if you will use heavy markers, it is advisable to put another piece of paper under it just to make sure that it will not leave a mark on the next page.

The illustrations include skulls, zombies, brains and skeletons, nightmare teddy bears, robots, rib cages and more unusual stuff. But some deviant people are not fascinated with this coloring book as they think the illustrations here are too simple. They are into a more challenging and intricate illustrations.


  • One side printing
  • Medium weight paper
  • Perfect for Halloween season activities


  • Front cover is misleading


This Weird Coloring Book: The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults can be a great activity for Halloween parties because it contains illustrations that perfectly fits the idea of Halloween. It is composed of weird and unusual stuff. An example is a man that is wearing a suit but with a skull for a head or a rock star with a skull head and it also has zombies, brains, rib cages and other somewhat scary drawings.

It is printed on one side only, leaving the back pages blank to avoid bleeding through the next page and you can also remove the page from the book and display it in Halloween parties or maybe in your room as a decoration.

On the other hand, the front cover is misleading because the cover contains intricate and detailed illustrations but the drawings inside are too simple and not challenging at all. Some people say that the part two of this book almost contains repetitive illustrations and not intricate and detailed. Since the drawings are quite simple, many people who are into weird and silly stuff may not like it as they want an illustration which is gruesomely detailed.

Possible Alternatives

As previously mentioned, Penny Farthing Graphics released a volume two for The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults. This volume 2 coloring book also doesn’t contain mandalas, animals or any cute stuff but rather weird and strange stuff that people don’t encounter daily. It also contains zombies, ghouls, nightmare images and many more.

It has a one sided page and has a good quality of paper so you can remove it and display it wherever you want. There are plenty alternatives since zombie movies are a hit, they are in coloring books too.

Ed Hose, is a freelance illustrator and made this coloring book entitled Hide the Kids!, Adult Only Coloring book. Some people’s perception about this book is that it has an adult humor but it’s in children’s illustrations. It also features a drawing area beside or anywhere in the page if you want to add special touches.

It is quirky, fun and silly which makes it the perfect coloring book for bonding moments with your friends and family. The pictures may seem weird but it is designed to make you laugh out loud and you can see in each illustration the strange concept of the artist.


The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults by Penny Farthing Graphics can be a great choice for beginners who are into weird and strange drawings. Since coloring books are a way to reduce stress and bring relaxation this is a great way to start because the drawings are quite simple and coloring books with more detailed images in this category may add up to your stress.

The front cover is misleading so not to worry because it’s not that detailed and all of the illustrations are simple and plain so this is the perfect weird coloring book for first-timers.

On the other hand, if you’re a person who is really into weird and strange stuff, there are many choices in the market or online for a more detailed and intricate coloring book. It can give you an overview of those small details in gruesome things such as zombies, skulls, ghosts, brain or many more. You might be disturbed by its weirdness.

In addition, you might want to draw the details in your imagination in this coloring book, you can add special touches to personalize it and make it more challenging since the drawings in this coloring book are all simple and plain.. Why not add those weird ideas into it? Have some fun drawing and coloring at the same time.

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