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Teen Coloring Books Good Vibes Coloring Book

Teen Coloring Books: Good Vibes Coloring Book Review

Coloring books used to be only for children only, but there is a recent trend of teens of getting into this as well.

Psychologist states that there are many benefits on coloring especially for teen who are into gadgets and technology. They claim that coloring can be a substitute for meditation as it makes a person focus and relaxed  thus alleviating anxiety..

Among those encouraging the use of coloring books among teens is artist Thaneeya McArdle of Teen Coloring Books: Good Vibes Coloring Book. She based her illustrations on inspiring quotes. An avid traveler, McArdle  incorporates the different styles and type of art in her own Before starting Good Vibes Coloring Book, she used to expresses her art in common things such as pillows, wallets, cases and many more.


Good Vibes Coloring Book offers a 30-page coloring book with coloring, shading and patterning. McArdle brings you to a new world of exploration with this coloring book as each illustration is vibrantly detailed. The books also contains finished samples for guidance and tips on basic art techniques such as shading, patterning, color combinations and even color theory.

This Good Vibes Coloring Book is printed on a high-quality paper that is extra thick to prevent bleeding through the next page so markers, gel pens or watercolor can be used. In addition, it is only printed on one page and is also perforated so you can easily remove and design anywhere you want. McArdle added inspirational famous and lesser known quotes at the back of each illustration for motivation.


  • Perforated for easy removal
  • Coloring tip pages with color wheel


  • Gel pens still bleed through the next page
  • Poor quality paper
  • Some coloring pencils appear differently when applied


This Good Vibes Coloring books is best for teens than adults. It starts with a five pages tips and techniques to beautifully and intricately color the illustrations. Some of the tips includes color theory with color wheel, color and pattern techniques and ideas on how to add special touches to the drawings. It also contains inspirational quotes to boost confidence, self-esteem and optimism.

However, the claim on the paper quality is overstated as seen in the numerous product complaints about it pointing to issues on bleed-through. Also, some of the coloring pencils don’t appear the same when applied to the coloring book. Many people prefer on coloring using gel markers to have an even and neat color.

Possible Alternatives

There are variations of teen coloring books in the market. An alternative is the one by artist Jenny Pearson which is inspired by kids-atheart. She has a coloring book that is specially hand drawn for teens. There is also Lilt Kids Coloring Books which offer their own line of teen coloring books featuring fun fashions and fresh styles.

Teenagers can be interested in it because they can experiment the color and decide their own styles. A major drawback however is the use of stereotypical images of how teens should look which perpetuates negative stereotypes surrounding these.


As a final verdict, Good Vibes Coloring bookscan tickle the interests of teens in coloring books. Since it’s the era of gadgets, computer games and technological advancements, it’s a good way to bring back the simpler way of life. It has great benefits for everyone from children, teens and adults.

This coloring book also contains inspirational quotes that can help a person reflect and realize how wonderful life is. The graphics and illustrations in the book are not intricate so many people will not have a hard time in coloring it. In addition, it also gives you tips and techniques on drawing special touches and color combinations too.

If you really are a fan of gel pens, it is not recommended to use it in this book as it bleeds through the pages and may damage the illustrations of the next page. Even if it is advertised that it has a high quality of extra thick paper, it’s not a good buy because we all want that our finished product are neatly and beautifully done. It’s your time to unleash your inner artist and express your own artworks.

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