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Stained Glass Coloring Book for Adults The Stations of the Cross

Stained Glass Coloring Book for Adults: The Stations of the Cross Review

Several types of coloring book are being sold in the market. They differ on purpose, concept and materials as well. Surely, when you think about stained glass, the first thing that comes into your mind is the illustrations found in Churches.

Stained Glass Coloring Book for Adults: The Stations of the Cross adopted that concept wherein incorporating the Church’s stained glass in a coloring book. Stained glass is a design in windows that is colored and made up of high quality glass with crystalline.

Colored stained glass is made up of metallic salts so that its colors may appear. Afterwards, it is crafted into different patterns, artworks and pictures depending on the concept that they want. You can notice that this is evidently displayed in Churches as their way to show different stories in the Bible. Also, some can be seen in commercial buildings and colleges as well.

In universities, they use this stained glass to show some designs from the arts & sciences department. Some luxury homes has colored stained glass as their designs as well.


The Station of the Cross by Drawn to Faith is a catholic stained glass-style coloring book. It suits everyone from children to seniors as it has a concept of faith and belief in the Bible. Since its main concept is the Station of the Cross, the book contains bible verses, scriptures and prayers too. All the scriptures are lifted from the Bible so there will be a learning process while coloring it. The 14 Stations of the Cross are featured in this book having one page per station which can be a way of reflection.

Drawn to Faith was founded by a married couple who are devoted Catholics. They think it is best for the Catholic community to be inclined in coloring and Bible journaling and they want to introduce it to them. This is the first Catholic coloring book they released and it’s surely a successful one. The proceeds were used to give books to different Catholic nursing homes and facilities.

This stained glass coloring book can be used to express one’s faith and devotion. They want to inspire many people to express their faith and devotion by using their talent and creativity since it is a God-given gift to all of us.


  • Devotional and Educational
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Back pages are blank
  • High quality paper


  • Back pages are blank


The Station of the Cross: Catholic Coloring book is a devotional tool wherein a person can express their faith through art. Educational is also one of its purpose because as you color each station you will see Bible based scriptures and verses in it. It can also be an easy way to tell stories to children while they are coloring each station, you can tell the story and the lessons from it. It is one of the best way to remember the sacrifices of our savior and increase our faith.

The beautiful artistic illustrations are really wonderful. Some people can connect with it spiritually since art can express someone’s inner self. Reflection quotes for each station of the cross are also included, so while coloring it can be your time to reflect. On the other hand, the back pages are blank which is both an advantage and disadvantage.

An advantage in the sense that you can tear it and post it on your wall or cork board as a piece of reflection and inspiration. The disadvantage is that when you color it using markers it might leave a mark on the second page. Overall, it feels that you are coloring a real stained glass.

Possible Alternative

Some people prefers the stained glass coloring book than any other type of coloring book so manufacturers and artists give the consumers a lot of options to choose from. Many are made from religious concepts, mandalas, abstract designs, animals, fairy tales and many more.

If you really are into religious and devotional coloring books, Lee Ann Igleheart made stained glass coloring books which has scenes from the Bible. It contains 80 pages with a scripture on the opposite side from the creation up to the revelations. The scenes in this coloring book can be an easy way to know the stories in the Bible.

An artist named John Green made a stained glass coloring book that is inspired by the windows seen in cathedrals and churches. So if you’re angel enthusiasts this can be a great choice for you and you can display it on your room. It suits all ages and it contains 16 original drawings by John Green.

On the other hand, if you want to enrich your child’s learning skills, there are also options for them such as the alphabet, animals and numbers and they are in the style of stained glass coloring books too. Online shopping can also be an option if you want to see different coloring book concepts to purchase.


As a final verdict, it is highly recommended to buy the Station of the Cross: Stained Glass Coloring book because owning one is not just about the coloring, but it can also be a means of devotion and expression of a person’s faith.

Those Bible scriptures can encourage a person to read the bible more because it contains really great verses from it. This coloring book is made up of high quality translucent paper which makes it a great choice if you want to have a realistic-looking stained glass.

Since it’s really fun to finish a stained glass coloring book, you’ll also have the chance to learn and reflect from it. You can tear a page off and hold it up against the light and it can glow like a real stained glass. Some people are using it to design their lampshades or ornaments just by making a collage out of the sheets. Some would put it on windows so when a light shines, it can glow like real stained glass seen in cathedrals.

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