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Sexy Coloring Books Babes, Buds & Blunts

Sexy Coloring Books: Babes, Buds & Blunts Review

Adult coloring books are the latest trend since many people are making it part of their free time. It’s their way to reduce stress and have fun. Many coloring books manufacturers and entrepreneurs are making it more interesting by adding different variants and purposes to it.

Some are making coloring books depending on the needs and taste of the people whether the target market are children, adults or art enthusiasts. An example would be sexy coloring books such as the Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Coloring Book.

This coloring book was published by Gem Ginger in 2015. She believes that Art creates deep connections among people; she felt that connection through her art. She made it not only because of an artistic aim, but to also establish that she is a cannabis supporter.

She uses her art to show that she is a devotee in the legalization of cannabis. The reason is because she believes that this plant enhances one’s creativity and passion. In lieu of this, it’s like her advocacy on the legalization of cannabis in order to show other people its positive effects.


Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book focuses on the concept of cannabis and its benefits whether for pleasure or for medicinal purposes.  It is composed of 13 images that are fun and relaxing and there are also bonus activities. The bonus activities are word scramble, word search and logic games. It is also made of high quality paper and you can use crayons and markers.

Gem Ginger, the artist behind this coloring book is an advocate of the legalization of cannabis. She made designs like Eve in the Garden of Eden while smoking an apple, a lovely and sexy lady making some brownies, a sexy lady sitting on a jar of medicinal herb, a lovely woman watering a cannabis plant.

Having this coloring book can tickle one’s curiosity on the good effects of cannabis and why it should be legalized. Gem Ginger did not create this coloring for the sake of artistic passion but her underlying main objective is to introduce the positive effects of cannabis. She also offers a discount on this coloring book, just be updated on her announcement on social media sites and don’t forget to follow her.


  • Made up of high quality paper
  • 13 different images
  • Interesting
  • Many bonus activities


  • Consumer might have confusion on their stand on cannabis


Gem Ginger made this coloring book a stoner friendly one. It is all her original drawings with the concept of women and many forms of cannabis or marijuana. Even the bonus activities have the same concept and is originally created by her. Since it is made up of high quality paper, if you erase something, it will not be easily tear or crumple.

Those 13 images can make you believe that cannabis have positive effects on humans whether for medication or leisure. It can also make you interested in knowing its effects thoroughly as this coloring book can make you curious

On the other hand, it is highly recommended for adult use only. Children should not be exposed to this kind of advocacy as it may bring confusion to them. Cannabis are not for leisure purposes and this coloring book’s target consumers are those who has broad understanding on the subject matter itself. Also, coloring materials are not included but you can use any color pencils, crayons or markers.

In addition, a person should be responsible enough in giving this as a token or a gift to a friend. Again, confusion and misunderstanding may cause someone’s stand on cannabis whether they are pro or anti.

Possible Alternative

If you’re having second thoughts in giving this Babe, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book as a gift, there are other options in the market or online for a sexy coloring book. Coloring books has different target consumers and it depends on their interests. Some would go for a cannabis coloring book, hot men coloring book, a coloring book for gay men or even sex toys and positions concept. Just make sure that you’re responsible enough when giving this as a present.

Here are some examples that can be an alternative pick for a sexy coloring book. First, the Man Candy: An Adult Coloring Book with 30 Hot Men and Pick-up Lines which contains thirty pages of hot men with different professions. A Hot Dudes Coloring Book can also be an alternative if you want to color your dream sexy bad boys into life.

Another alternative is the coloring book for gay men as it depicts how they are expressing themselves in real life. Lastly, the sex position and sex toys can be an alternative if you’re into a more intimate and naughty coloring book. It all depends on what you want just remember that there are many options and choices to choose from.


Several sexy coloring books are being published and distributed in the market but being responsible on buying is a must. Most sexy coloring books are not intended for children and it is inappropriate for them to use such things. They won’t be able understand it at such a young age.

The Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book is a great choice if you’re into cannabis because it can relax and de-stress you. Just by coloring the cannabis and not using them can be fun and exciting too. It is just a matter of your own perspective and how you consider it.

If you’re an advocate on the legalization of cannabis, you can get inspiration in this coloring book. It offers a lot of ideas on how beneficial cannabis can be, from leisure to its medicinal forms. Gem Ginger added some bonus activities which are related to cannabis thus increasing more knowledge on the subject. Let’s reiterate that this is not suitable for children and that be responsible in giving this to anyone.

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