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Pusheen Coloring Book Review

Pusheen Coloring Book Review

You have seen kids spending hours and hours on the floors, filling their coloring books with all the weird and unrealistic ways that have no connection to reality whatsoever. But, that is the point in coloring! You can just forget reality and embrace art and formalism.

This is an ever expanding realm of utterly fantastical creatures and psychedelic patterns and scenarios. You might have wondered that, that is something that only the little kids find fascinating, but in complete contradiction, it is actually the adults who explore the wildest sides of their grown imaginations.

Imagine dragons, aliens, animals, artistic creatures from completely parallel dimensions than our own. Well those are the pieces that are most sought after in this adult doodling community.

And there’s a reason why these coloring books become more of a passion in so many adults. It’s their ability to completely distress you, increase your imagination and help you relax, kick back and let the child in you run free.

One of these successful coloring books for adults is the new ‘Pusheen Coloring Book’ by Claire Belton. Now you do not live under a rock.

You too are aware of what Pusheen is, as you too have used the silly cuddly meme cat in many of your facebook comments and messages.

Pusheen, the meme cat in itself is an internet phenomenon, it is not just a rage among the cat lovers as you might expect, but also, is quite popular among hundreds of thousands of people who just enjoy using Pusheen to express their lethargic and cuddly moods.


Pusheen’s success can easily be attributed to the psychological phenomenal of empathetic lethargy. Because of our stressful and immensely busy lifestyles, most of us suffer from lack of energy and motivation to do things.

And so, because memes like Pusheen which symbolize the epitome of laziness and always seem to be looking for a way of lying down and relax due their already cuddly and soothing caricatures, we, the 21st century humans, with our own never ending search for things to relax on, so very easily connect to them.

The pages of this book are made up of thick, tactile paper which can be colored easily without leaking or making impressions on the next page. The pages can be easily torn off, so that you can hang your creations on your walls and show them to whoever you would want.

It is not just accepted but appreciated that you use your own imagination skills to fill these drawings and give Pusheen, your very own makeover and personality.

You can change the color from the original internet version and make Pusheen whatever color you love the most. You can draw patterns and let the patterns get as exquisite and complex as your ability allows you to and do so much more that it will only help you increase your artistic talent as you go through the book.



First and foremost, this book will help you relax. Internet is the witness to the fact that looking at cat pictures helps you relax, and we know that through the utter domination of cat pictures and videos that are everywhere on the internet and on almost every major site.

Then coloring itself is a mode of relaxation. It gives you a way of sitting down and taking control over all the activity while you are coloring, only a few more activities come close to its serenity.

Increasing concentration:

Coloring in this book will give you an engaging activity that will make you concentrate for hours to improve your quality. You have to use your own imagination to fill the pages, and this will itself slowly give you the ability to concentrate on other aspects of your life more. Hence, it will help increase your concentration.

Sheer amusement:

Pusheen is adorable. Just looking at it, doing its silly things like riding a bike, attempting to do chemistry, working at a construction site, attempting to drive and to cook. All of these things are food for our heart.

And when you are given the ability to fill these drawings with your own colors, you will find them even more amusing because you will be responsible for Pusheen crashing a bike in a river which looks like blood.


Not for veteran artists:

This book is not meant for veteran artists who are looking for increasing their skills.

No variety:

Since this book is just about Pusheen, so it is only filled with Pusheen. There is no change of variety and no new characters to practice your coloring skills on.


‘PUSHEEN COLORING BOOK’ by Claire Belton is a massively popular best selling coloring books that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Its thick pages allow you to use all kind of coloring methods namely crayons, color pencils, color pens, markers, and water colors without any leakage.

The pages can be easily removed and be shared on the online community from where you can compare your colorings of the same page with other people, and also get inspired from their work.


Unlike other cat coloring books like “WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH MY PUSSY” by Gary Galvin, and “STRESS RELIEVING CATS” by Blue Star Coloring, “PUSHEEN COLORING BOOK” is not filled with as many varieties of cute cats. But it is a masterpiece in itself.


If you too are a Pusheen fan, who has always enjoyed coloring, then this book is just for you! Coloring the cute caricatures of Pusheen can have a relaxing effect on your mind.

As you bring her to life through your colors and imagination, you will soon learn to draw your own variations and give Pusheen a part of yourself.

Which, you will be able to share online with other people who share your passion. So, let Pusheen take you on an adventure away from this world and help you color its life so that it can fill more vibrant colors into yours.

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