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Pokémon Coloring Book Review

There are plenty of coloring book themes available in the market today. Those featuring cartoons are some of the most popular and among these Those based on the popular 90s show Pokémon Is among the best sellers.

Pokémon Coloring Book will definitely be in demand in the market today since many people from children to adult are into Pokémon. This year, Niantic released the game Pokémon Go, which has become a hit among young and old alike. Others have cashed in as well by riding on the Pokemon resurgence, using its popular characters in their merchandise.


Pokémon Coloring Books can be bought in the market, in Amazon or any online shopping website. There are several volumesavailable to choose from. Some Pokémon Coloring Books contain activities such as puzzles, quizzes, mazes. For color enthusiasts, the Pokémon Coloring Book will definitely suit your needs.

The Pokémon Coloring Book by Showa Note is in the Japanese language and it doesn’t have an English version but kids will love it anyway. Many people are aware of the names of the Pokémon due to its enduring popularity.  With 32 pages back-to-back, this coloring book is thin. The paper is made up of high quality and pens can also be used to color it.


  • 32 unique pages
  • Paper is made up of high quality
  • Perfect way to familiarize Pokémon


  • Not in English
  • Coloring book reads opposite


Pokémon Coloring Books can be a way to familiarize Pokémon and unwind.   It contains 32 pages back to back so there’s a plenty of Pokémon in it. It is easy to color and you don’t have to worry because it is made up of high quality paper so even your pens can work.

Since it is made for the Japanese market, the book reads from left to right  unlike the usual western book. Also, it is in Japanese language only. Some people think that this coloring book is overpriced because some there are cheaper alternatives.

Possible Alternatives

Pokémon Coloring Books have wide variations since these are in demand today as others cash in on the renewed Pokemon craze. There are many possible alternatives for Pokémon Coloring Books that can suit the needs of Pokémon enthusiasts. The market is offering coloring books, activity books and even sticker books all of which are really in demand as many people are into Pokémon once again.

Pokémon collectibles are releasing an official handbook for Pokémon trainers, activity books and sticker books. Some activity books teach how to draw a Pokémon and how to solve puzzles and mazes in the Pokémon worlds. On the other hand, there are also Pokémon Adult Coloring Book available in the market but some are full of swear words that are not appropriate for children.

In addition, there are also  kits that teaches how to draw Pokemons or make origamis. A best seller today is the Pokémon Essential Handbook which contain many facts about Pokémon.


Pokémon Coloring Book will be a great gift idea for Pokémon enthusiasts and children as well at a time these creatures are enjoying renewed popularity.  This can help  lessen children’s  gadget and computer game time. Coloring can help stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain and can help in the development of their fine motor skills too.

This Pokémon Coloring Book can also be a way for them to familiarize themselves to Pokémon’s and may somehow ignite some learning concepts for them. This Pokémon Coloring Book can somehow be a bonding moment for the Family since 90s kids can share their ideas or thoughts to their younger siblings about Pokémon’s thus creating a good bond between them. It can also make them lessen their Pokémon Go time as well.

On the other hand, this coloring book’s Japanese roots may be confound children with its unfamiliar language and reverse orientation

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