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Most Difficult Coloring Books Coloring Animal Mandalas

Most Difficult Coloring Books: Coloring Animal Mandalas Review

Those looking for a challenging coloring book can depend on getting a tough one in the Most Difficult Coloring Books: Coloring Animal Mandalas. Developed by professional coloring book maker Wendy Piersall for Ulysses Press, Coloring Animal Mandalas, offers a unique challenge with its depeiction of the animals as mandalas.


It is composed of uniquely detailed 30 animal themed mandalas.  The cover itself provides a peek of what to expect inside with four intricately drawn figures. And even though, it is smaller than a normal coloring book the illustrations in it are still fine.

The illustrations are printed on individual pages with the opposite side blank so these will be easier to remove for display It is advisable to use an ultra-fine tip in coloring this book as the details are really intricate and some of the details are hard to see.

The animals that are included in this coloring book are shells, birds, cats, butterflies, swans, peacocks, tigers, foxes, unicorns, dragons, lions, snakes and more. You can discover the animal kingdom in the mandalas in the book and it can also spark learning in each page as you may be curious on the animals too.


  • Intricately detailed design
  • Printed on one page


  • Leaks on the next page
  • Kindle app version doesn’t have a print option


Coloring Animal Mandalas by Pierssall is a great choice if you really want to enhance your coloring skills and you are experienced in this hobby. With its intricate illustrations, it is advisable to use colored pencils because of their ultra-fine tip can help in the tiny details. The coloring book is smaller than the normal coloring book which is good for the people who are on the go as it can fit in their tote bags.

However,  there are those who have complained  about the thin paper that leaks into the next page. An alternative is using two sheets of paper underneath the page that you are coloring to avoid worries about leaking.

In addition, people are disappointed with the kindle version of this coloring book, which are not printable thus defeating the purpose of it being a coloring. Many have raised this already and are hoping for action from the publishers.

Possible Alternatives

Piersall offers many options and designs to choose from. She also has a flower mandala themed coloring book  that contains 30 illustrations.

Same with her animal coloring book, the flower mandalas offer many type of coloring style. Some of the pages contain a very intricate design with very tiny details, but some pages have large area for  free coloring. It definitely suits every age and it is also smaller than the normal coloring book so it’s easy bring anywhere. You can bring it to a quiet place and color it which can help you to feel the mandala meditation away from the noises of the busy streets in the city.


As a final verdict, it is highly recommended to purchase this Animal Mandala Coloring Book by Wendy Piersall. It can  be a gift to loved ones of all ages with its unique and intricately designed mandalas  a challenging piece of art to focus on. It can help children hone their fine motor skills  and develop their concentration too.  . The animals in the book are also educational.

The artist highly recommends mandala coloring for its psychological benefits and  creativity boost. Coloring books is said to be a no lose sport because it develops people’s creative and artistic side. It has added benefits of being therapeutic due to its relaxing effect. To sum up, parents are advised to purchase thiseither for themselves or for their children

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