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Make your Own Coloring Book

Make your Own Coloring Book

Making your own coloring book can be fun; yet the intricate details can pose a challenge to you, especially if this is the first time you are undertaking a job such as this one. Instead of going out and putting pressure on your pocket by buying a book to suit your coloring needs, you can easily make one or a few for yourself.

The task is not a difficult one as you might think and you can complete the job in a short time.

Materials needed

To get your own personalized coloring book going, you will need a number of materials. Once you have your materials on hand, you can go ahead and start building your own manuscript.

Below are the various things you will need to get to where you are going.

  • Binding supplies such as a glue gun or Gorilla glue
  • Computer and scanner
  • Paper to color the pages
  • Pencils or inks
  • Pictures for you to trace or to draw from scratch. In addition, you can download images on your PC from online
  • Coloring crayons

How to personalize your book

You can personalize your book in a number of ways. For one, you can design a simple coloring book that you like or you can build a 100 – 200 pages book of images to color, whichever you prefer. To make it simpler, you can just do what book experts call a ‘Japanese book binding’ method that requires you to make a paper cover and then sow in the pages inside the book through holes you punch next to the spine.

If you are computer savvy and can write, you can create a story text and place inside the pages some colorless images for you or a child to color.

Choosing your images

Choose images that you love and ones you are convinced will be fun to color. In addition choose images that are easy enough to color and the ones you feel you can handle.

Furthermore, you can also borrow other artists’ images, but make sure you do not sell them because you do not own the copyright.

Start making your coloring book

Find an appropriate online site:

The easiest way to build your coloring book is for you to find a site online that allows you to download images. You can use free sites or paid ones if you prefer. Below are some sites where you can download illustrations from.

  • ColoringBookFun
  • pages

Do the print:

Start placing your images on coloring paper. If regular bond is not suitable enough for you then buy specialty paper that can suit your fancy more.

Make a cover:

Your cover can be made from a card stock or anything you might think nice enough for you to go after. Put a relevant title on the cover so you can identify your work.

Punch in holes:

You can punch in holes in the right places of the pages the book is carrying. Bind the book with brads or just do a simple Japanese style binding.

Build your coloring book the fancy way (your way)

If you like, you can build your book from scratch or just the way you prefer to. In fact, doing it your way will make you feel a bigger sense of accomplishment.

Prepare your own picture:

Instead of choosing someone else’s pictures, you can draw your own images and bold them. This may take some art skill on your part but always remember you can learn as you go along.

Trace some images:

Choose some images from story books, magazines and your own family photos. Trace the entire image. You can start by going after the contour of a person’s body, mountain tops and horizon.

Add details to the image as you go along. Add the relevant lines to go where the clothing should be. For each image, as you proceed add lines to guide you along. Do a scan of the picture when you complete the tracing process and then print it on the paper of your choice.

Create your own story book:

Since you completed the steps above, you can now use a word processor to merge your texts and illustrations in the pages of the book. Since this is your first personalized coloring book, you need not worry about writing a great story.

In fact, if you are not the eloquent writer, you can just publish your first book with a little text describing each photo.

Do a copyright

Since you created your own book, you have the right to protect your work from it getting stolen. Therefore, to prevent anyone from stealing your work, you can do a copyright to keep your property safe.

To do a copyright, all you have to do is to place the information on a CD or print the entire thing on paper. Place the CD or paper information into a sealed self addressed envelope and take it to your local post office where the teller will stamp it and eventually it will come back to you.

Do no open it any time. It should only be open by a judge and this is only when someone tries to steal your work so you have to take the culprit to court. Remember to keep your copyright in a safe place afterwards.

Publishing your coloring book

There are many publishing companies where you can submit your book to. However, it is highly suggested that you go after a Print-On-Demand company where you will have every opportunity to publish the book your way.

Places such as Createspace, which Amazon owns and Lulu as well as other places can assist you to get your book in the public’s eyes. You can sell your coloring paperback and hardback book from these online sites and make some money.

If you prefer however, you can refuse to sell your creation and just let the publishing companies print copies for your personal use only.


Making your own coloring book will bring out the creator in you and what’s more, you will start a career as a beginner author. You can eventually go on to fame and make plenty money if you are determined enough.

There are so many things you can do once you get your first coloring book out so go for it and never look back.

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