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Make life your bitch Coloring Book Review

Make life your bitch Coloring Book Review

Why does swearing feel so good? Admit it, whenever you swear, regardless if you meant it or not, it does feel good. Turns out, there’s a special reason for that. In a study done by NeuroReport in 2009, it was found that the curse words actually affect our brains. They trigger a neuron cluster in the right half of our brains.

This cluster is our natural fight or flight response system. It also increases our pain handling capacity. And releasing the profanity eases tension and relaxes our mind and body.

Science fucking proved it. But just swearing in our day to day lives, as fun it is, cannot be done as a long term relaxing task. This is where coloring comes in. It’s a time consuming, attention demanding task.

It indulges you immensely and helps you release your creativity in all combinations of vibrant colors. As you color, the rest of the world disappears and you are transported into another where there is nothing but you and your creations.

And if you combine the two, what you get is a brilliantly relaxing, amusing, and fun activity that eases your tension, and lets you empower to deal with life’s immense bullshit.  And so, ‘MAKE LIFE YOUR BITCH’ By John T comes on top of that chart.


Make life your bitch, is written in an extremely quirky and funny way that it motivates you, entices you, inspires you, and takes out your entire tension one stroke at a time.

Motivation with cussing:

Each page comes with its own cuss word motivational sentences to make every day of your life that much less shitty. And so, it helps you get strength for facing the days ahead.

Stress relieving:

As you are taken off world and enchanted with your own colors and imagination, you find yourself stress free. You will devote your hours relaxing, concentrating and enhancing your imagination.

Black background:

The pages are printed on thick black back ground, so that your colors can look even more lustrous and pop out. Unlike white back grounds that fall short on color enhancement. The black color also helps make the outlines look better.


There are many pros to this color book and they are:

Enhancing creativity:

Coloring in the pages of this book, you will find yourself lost in the whim of your imagination and use your ingenuity to make the art better. And as you will start coming up with new and better ideas over time, you will find yourself getting better in your coloring skills.

Soon, it will become a passion which you will be able to share with everyone.

Emotionally uplifting:

The cuss word motivational lines in the book are quite emotionally uplifting. As you will spend quite some time on every single line, it will give you some time to meditate on the line sub-consciously.

As your mind will relax and ease your thought process, the meditation will numb your pain and shine things in new perspectives.


Just like every other thing in existence, even this book has some cons.

Not intriguing for veteran artists:

While this is a perfect book for a novice, who wants to use this book just as a past time, it is not as complex or challenging for someone who has been dabbling for years. But regardless, it is quite motivating.

Not thick enough:

The book only features 20 motivational cuss sentences along with eccentric ways of presenting them. So, you do not get enough pages to get better in the coloring style. But maybe that is the challenge.


‘MAKE LIFE YOUR BITCH’ is and swear word adult coloring book by John T, one of the authors of best selling adult coloring books. This particular book is one of his most successful books. The author comments that he created this book to ease the constant whirlpool of chaos, that is our life, and find some moments of absolute joy.

As coloring it is a relaxing activity that brings a break from the mundane stressful parts of our lives. And so, it provides you a platform to convert all those negative emotions into something very constructive, and get relaxed and ecstatic in the process.  And maybe pick up on a new hobby.

The book contains 20 single sided thick cuss word motivational sayings that will enchant you, amuse you, and let you feel better about yourself. The sentences are also written in eccentric and creative font styles that will let you go with vibrant colors.

The words themselves are surrounded by intricate patterns that can be colored. The thick leak proof paper allows the usage of crayons, pencil colors, colored pens, markers, water colors, etc.

The pages are printed on a black back ground that lets your colors look more vibrant and third dimensional.


Among the other beautifully sketched books of John T like “GO FUCK YOURSELF I’M COLORING” , “CALM THE FUCK DOWN”,  and “EAT SHIT AND DIE”, “MAKE LIFE YOUR BITCH” is a rather jewel itself. It comes back with even more beautifully and creatively crafted motivational lines that are even more entertaining and brilliant to meditate on.

But is average among other best selling coloring books like “FUCKING ADORABLE: CUTE CRITTERS WITH FOUL MOUTH”, and “FUCK THAT SHIT”.


Although drawing profane words might be something that you will never let your children do, but at the same time, if coloring something like this brings the child in us out sometimes, then what is the harm?

Let’s cut to the chase, we all are exhausted profane monkeys on a rock spaceship going thousands of miles an hour, who knows where; in a universe dominated by sheer randomness things so gigantic that we cannot even comprehend.

We have to deal with utter bullshit of our lives on a daily basis, and so we deserve adult coloring books filled with motivational quotes with profane language. If something like this pleases you, then fuck this shit and make life your bloody bitch.

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