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Japanese Coloring Book: Fairy Tale

Japanese Coloring Book: Fairy Tale Review

Japanese are known for their manga, anime shows and illustrations. A Japanese illustrator named Tomoko Tashiro incorporated fairy tales in his artworks which resulted to a Japanese coloring book: Fairy Tale. He also works in Shiseido as a package designer. Being passionate with creative designing, he made a coloring book with a fairy tale motif.

This coloring book is made up of different scenes from well-known fairy tales with creative patterns as well. The way the artist interpreted fairy tales can be interesting too because you can see how creative they can be when it comes to their artworks.

He conceptualized on this idea since many people are inclined in coloring books. Most people believe that coloring books are a way to unwind and relax so adding famous stories will make it more interesting. There is an introduction in the book itself that is written in Japanese which states some tips in coloring.

Since Tomoko Tashiro intricately drew this coloring book, it is advisable to use coloring pencils so it would look neat and tidy.  Not only well known fairy tales are in this coloring book but those stories that are not that famous too so consumers will have the chance to know and be familiar with some of the other stories.


This Japanese Edition Fairy Tale Coloring Book measures 10 x 10 inches and has 96 pages. It contains twelve famous and not well known stories. Some of the famous fairy tales are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel. This is a great gift for children who loves good tales because they are learning while coloring the illustrations. Their coloring skills will also improve as well as their fine motor skills because of the intricate designs of this coloring book.

Having a combination of fairy tales that are not well known is a good idea because the user will have the chance to know more about that story and its lesson. We’re all aware that every fairytale has a moral story in it so there can be a parent-child bonding too.

Tomoko Tashiro rewrote the stories at the back page of the coloring book, although it is in Japanese, but the beauty of the art will surely make up for it. You will easily understand the story just by looking at the pictures. The drawings are very detailed and the book itself comes with a dust jacket.


  • 12 famous and not well known tales are included
  • Comes with a dust jacket
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • High quality paper


  • It is only written in Japanese
  • Bookbinding issues


The Fairy Tale Coloring Book: Japanese Edition is really worth buying because the drawing and illustrations are detailed and wonderfully drawn by the artist. The coloring book has a dust jacket included so that the hard cover can be protected and can catch the consumer’s attention because it’s beautiful as well. The bookbinding is flexible and strong.

The high quality paper used is really durable because the images are printed on both sides of the paper. Some areas in each page also contain some mandalas, flowers and other details and elements that can be associated in the story.

On the other hand, the book is written in Japanese except for the title even the summary of the stories are in that language too. The bookbinding is only glued so if you ever try to tear a page it may distort some of the pages. Since their bookbinding is quite strong some may have troubles in flattening it thus coloring on the edges may become a problem.

Although, this coloring book offers good and creative drawings and illustrations, it also has flaws, but one can easily adjust as it is only a minor one. Moreover, it is a good way to learn some famous stories and develop one’s fine motor skills.

Possible Alternative

Japanese people are known for their creative drawings and illustrations. Many artists are making coloring books too, not just sharing their talents but their imagination too. Coloring books made by well-known and experienced artists are in demand because of their uniqueness and creativity.

Akiko Murakami and his Japanese Patterns Coloring book which contains geishas and floral designs are recommended for those people who are depressed or anxious. There’s also a Japanese edition of Alice in Wonderland that is available in the market or online. John Tenniel is the artist behind the Alice in Wonderland illustrations and he is really known for it.

Tomoko Tashiro made a sequel of his Fairy Tale Coloring Book which is the Princesses and Fairies Coloring Book. It includes well-known fairy stories; Snow White, Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty and many more. It contains 13 fairy tales and different cultures are also included in this coloring book.

On the contrary with the first book, this one needs ultra-fine point pencils since its design is more intricate. Fine motor skills will also be developed, same with his previous book. It also comes with a dust cover.


As a final verdict, it is highly recommended to purchase Tomoko Tashiro’s Fairy Tale Coloring Book: Japanese Edition because it can be a way to reduce stress and enhance creativity and fine motor skills. He dedicated a great design in his artwork and illustration and it can be seen evidently in this coloring book.

The artwork and illustration is more beautiful in person than the pictures online. There’s really a lot to see in this book even if it the entire book is in Japanese language.

The only issue with this coloring book is the binding itself because it is only glued and not bounded by thread. Since it is strongly bound, it may be difficult to flatten the pages so coloring the edges may become troublesome. You also have to be careful when tearing off a page since it may affect the other pages. In addition, it is recommended to use fine coloring materials because of the detailed illustrations.

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