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Hard Coloring Books for Adults Animals in Detail

Hard Coloring Books for Adults: Animals in Detail Review

Many adults into coloring books prefer challenging pieces that can stimulate both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Hard Coloring Books for Adults: Animals in Details is one example which challenges you to bring your coloring skills to the next with its collection of detailed facial and skin features of animals.

Tim Jeff is the artist behind the wonderfully made Animals in Detail coloring book. He is well known for his intricate and highly detailed illustrations and drawings of animals which is widely spread in many countries. His drawings clearly show tiny details in an animal’s fur, skin patterns and textures as well. Jeff’s is an animal conservation advocate and he uses his art to raise awareness about this


Jeff’s dedication in is seen. in the 50 amazingly unique intricate animal drawings  this hard cover book. The back of each page is blank for easy removal and for display purposes.  All the animals featured come with information their habitat and attributes as well as the ongoing conservation efforts for them making this a useful information tool for both children and adults.

Some of the animals in this coloring book are chameleon, cheetah, crocodile, giraffe, elephant, lion, lemur, sea turtle, sea horse, lobster, wolf and zebra


  • Hard cover
  • Blank pages at the back
  • Intricate designs


  • Not very good for coloring


This Hard Coloring Books for Adults: Animals in Details amazes with its detailed and intricate drawinds. You can color it with your own favorite markers and pencils since it is made up of high medium weight paper and its back pages are blank so no worries on bleed through. No one will notice that it is from a coloring book because of its fine details plus you’re the color artist.

On the other hand, – the book could have been better had the artist opted to for more color. Most of the illustrations contain a lot of gray scale and black colors and all the backgrounds are black. It can be a quite challenging because you will have the chance to color animals in a more detailed way but it only has a little room for coloring. Moreover, some people say that this coloring book is just showing the artist’s portfolio and not as a coloring book.

Possible Alternatives

If you want more space for coloring and designing your own color combinations, there are plenty of challenging books that can be purchased. Most adults go with the Mandala Madness Coloring Book, since it contains many different patterns and images which they can have their own color combinations.

Many brilliant artists are behind Mandala coloring books because they believe that Mandala Meditation has real benefits. among this is the increased ability to focus, relax and perform constructive healing. Coloring mandalas can describe the character and wholeness of a person creating it which also reflects their personality.

For animal lovers there’s plenty to choose from one of which is the Animal Kingdom Coloring Book Set. It contains 48 animal and wildlife pages to color. It also has detailed drawings, made up of high quality paper and is perforated for easy removal. For those interested in plants, there is the Botanical Garden Coloring Book Set. .


If you’re into a challenging piece coloring books Animals in Details are highly recommended despite the drawbacks cited. Done well, it will look like you have an expensive piece of art in your bedroom.

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