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Express yourself with super cute doodles Review

Express yourself with super cute doodles Review

Art is expression. But even to express yourself in a language, you first, need to learn the alphabets, words, grammar rules, structure, and abstract phrases of that particular language. Art has its own language as well. And you can learn that language by reading books, watching tutorials or by actually doodling itself!

Here, we have a way for you to grow your art by doodling super cute animals and patterns while learning the language of art. With the help of Jess Volinski’s Notebook Doodle: super cute coloring and activity book, you will be able to do just that!


In her book, you will find 32 brilliant animal designs, colored samples, motivational life quotes and more. Jesses, so beautifully explains everything you will need to know to understand the world of art.

As you go through the pages, she will talk to you through her designs, and teach you how to use different elements of art and combine them with different art materials, to find your own unique style. There are her own color palette combinations, which she used, while making those doodles at the end of every page.

The book itself is a masterpiece. Every page is filled with vibrant and super cute animals like owls, squirrels, rabbits, frogs, etc. Many of them, as the author notes, were inspired by the critters looming around her home.

Every page is perforated, so that you can easily tear them off, and hang them on your wall, and fill your home with all your creations. Every page is also followed by a quote about life and motivation. Pages are really thick, and the texture is tactile.


  • The book is a brilliant way of expressing your creativity through coloring with different kinds of color combinations and finding your own style.
  • The book also enhances your coloring creativity as you can draw inspiration from her selected color palettes.
  • She also teaches you about several tricks and ways through which every process of art becomes easy and which makes you relaxed, engaged, and makes you open to let your creativity flow freely.


  • The book can be a challenge for beginners as it features many difficult and complex patterns. If you are just beginning your coloring, then this book will only confuse and scare you.
  • The book only contains 32 cute animal designs that make you beg for more.
  • This book is not for you if you do not like formalism designs. If you enjoy stern realism and want even your art be as close to reality as it can be, then this book will do you no good.


This book is a fun way of relaxing, as coloring helps you release stress. This book is also enticing to work on, as the writer speaks very cozily to you and interacts in such a way that you get attached to her descriptions from the get go.

Every page is made up of thick paper that does not leak colors even if you use markers, water colors, or color pens. The pages are also perforated, so they can come off quite easily and be hung on your walls, or shared by gifting to someone else.

The super cute animal designs lighten up your mood and help you bring them to life through coloring. As you go through detailing, you will find yourself, completely lost in the art and away from the reality.

The designs in the book keep on getting more complex as the pages are turned and hence, they challenge you to increase your level.

Every page also provides you with already chosen color palette combination, which you can use yourself or use your own imagination on how to choose them. It also indulges you in several different kinds of animals drawn in a completely new light, patterns, and might change your whole preconception of them.

The lizards will become majestic, the spiders will become royal, and the owls will leave you in awe. But at the same time, the pretty squirrels will entice you, the sparrows will delight you, and the rabbits will always be adorable.


Notebook Doodle Super Cute: Coloring And Activity Book is not the first or the last book by Jess Volinsky, but is one of the first animal themed coloring books by her. Her other books include coloring girl power quotes, color swirl designs, and sweets and treats coloring. But super cute coloring book is one of the most preferred.

Other adult books in this genre include Thaneeya Mcardle’s Good vibes coloring book, which includes 30 relaxing and challenging art activities. And Disney Pixar’s adventure coloring, which features many, recognized Disney characters that can be colored by however you want.

Still, Notebook Doodle: super cute coloring and activity book offers more of a learning scope than these other entries.


If coloring is something that you have enjoyed all your life or are thinking about getting back to, then this book is one of the best options you can opt for. It brings you, brilliant and beautiful super cute animal designs that you can find in many exotic parts of the world.

And each has been drawn in such a way, that they appear more magical and soulful.

The psychedelic level of detailing and complexity, challenges you to create many different color patterns and create something so unique that it will leave anyone spellbound.

The creations stand out themselves and once colored, radiate with life and serenity. Just by looking at them is very therapeutic and relaxing.

The Notebook Doodle Super Cute: Coloring And Activity Book by Jess Volinski is meant to be learnt from. As, the author herself teaches you about all elements of art and many different ways of using color and creating your own unique combinations by using these elements.

It is written in a simple, colorful, and upbeat language that will inspire you to release all stress and devote yourself in your coloring. What may start out as a hobby may soon turn into passion.

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