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Dr. Seuss Coloring Book Review

Dr. Seuss Coloring Book Review

Your child needs all the help from an early age he or she can get in an effort to develop the skill in artistry. As the kid grows, he or she will start getting better and better at drawing and coloring his own artwork.

The Dr. Seuss coloring book is just the right material you need to help the child develop in self-confidence, especially from an early stage in life. This book is easy to follow and your adolescent, therefore, will not have a problem understanding its awesome images inside.

Training up your offspring in artistry from early is a necessary move to make in bringing out the best in him or her. Using Dr. Seuss book with all its various features is just the beginning of a prospective career in the field of art that your child may embark on when he or she gets older in life.

You could not have a better start in life for your youngster than what the coloring book with Dr. Seuss as the star of the show is offering you and of course your young one.


Features of Dr. Seuss coloring book differ from those of other books in its niche because they are created with your special kid in mind and as an adult you too can enjoy adding color to the images as well.

In addition, the bright illustrations will allow you to incorporate the many expressions found in the book in real life so that your child can grow and mature better.

Powerful cover and layout of the interior

To catch the child’s attention, the cover of the book is placed in power line art and highlighted with some outstanding teal foil emphasis. The title is boldly written and colored in bright red so that it stands out from other coloring books in its genre.

The spine has some glossy teal and white text to illustrate its simplicity. For your child’s involvement, the creators leave room for coloring to take place at the front and back.

Ancillary page lineout

On the ancillary page, you will see some lovely line arts that your child can practice his or her coloring skills on. This page is a great way for your kid to try out his or her coloring skills from early start of the material.

Impressionable layouts

The layouts themselves can leave an impression on your young child mostly because they are placed in oriented portrait fashion. Your child gets 64 pages of materials to cover, most of which has to do with coloring. In addition, there are plenty of imageries within the pages to keep the child busy.


Check out some of the advantages of this book.

Great designs

The book has some great designs that can bring joy to children and adults alike. Your kids will therefore have their hands full of coloring designs to choose from and you can thank Dr. Seuss book creators for that.

Strong quality

As the saying goes, “quality is what counts” and the book possesses plenty to go around, regardless of the few drawbacks it might have. The pages are thick enough and guarantees durability.

Grab your kid’s attention

The coloring book is a great introductory and continuity process that will grab your kid’s attention throughout. Therefore, while you may be busy doing other things at home, your child can be practicing his or her coloring skills in the meantime.

This strategy can help you get chores done at home without you having to put up with your child getting in the way.

Strengthen your child’s muscles

Coloring each page can work to strengthen the muscles in your child. As the child grows, he or she will improve in writing because of the strong muscles the kid possesses.

Art vocabulary builder

Your child can become an expert at coloring simple things, especially at first because he or she understands how to mix color, thanks to Dr. Seuss’s coloring book. As the child gets older, he or she will have gain proper knowledge about how to mix color to get another color.


Well, like everything else, this also has some disadvantages.

Lost designs in the binding area

Not all the designs come out great enough though. In fact, some designs parts are lost in the binding area, which actually is showing a nonprofessional aspect of the whole publishing process.

Page difficulties

Within the book, some of the pages tend to be glued in too much, thus, making them unable to press out and reveal the entire images for proper coloring to take place. This problem can be a discouragement even to the most savvy coloring picture experts.

Not many well known characters in it

For some children, they rather have in the book their well known characters to look at and enjoy. However, this edition of the book does not consist of all the famous characters in it and this can be a turn off to some children and even adults as well.


The Dr. Seuss coloring book is a great pastime help for kids and some adults alike. It has all the lovely images and color lines that will strengthen one’s imagination.

The designs are breathtaking and your youngster can enjoy them repeatedly for a long time to come. Your child could not want a better teacher at color mixing than what the book has to offer.

The features are what make the book become the professional masterpiece that it is today. It is by far one of the best coloring books available for children and even adults to use in helping to master their artistic skills.

In addition, it provides a wealth of joy to participants trying out their coloring skill and others who want to take that skill to the next level.


Dr. Seuss book was compared with another coloring material titled “Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book”. Seuss took the cake.

While Together: A Mommy + Me book has a different taste such as perforated pages where the child can just tear out the section and work on it separately from the main material, Seuss carries no perforated pages. Yet, kids tend to prefer Seuss’s pictures more because they look better and most of the images contain their favorite characters.


Dr. Seuss coloring book is a must-have for your kid if you really want to encourage the artist buried deep inside him or her from an early age. The book is also a great pastime attraction for you as an adult as well so you can pass your time coloring when those stressful periods hit you.

In addition, Seuss is a well-beloved character worldwide and you may even love him when you were once a child growing up. Spending time going through the book from page to page may just bring back loving memories of you when you were a child.

As you and your little one go over each page, you can relive your childhood days with him or her.

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