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Dirty Coloring Pages The Fetish Coloring Book

Dirty Coloring Pages: The Fetish Coloring Book Review

Coloring books is an activity used to relax and reduce stress. Artists illustrated how dirty minds can be into a coloring book. Dirty Coloring Pages: The Fetish Coloring Book can give you a stimulating and fun activity which you can color in your own fantasy.

It will not only bring what you really want but it can make you laugh and blush as well. It is different than any other boobs and sex positions coloring book and it’s up to you to find out.

Magnus Frederiksen known as Glafisk, is the artist behind this one of a kind coloring book. He is known for his odd drawings and illustrations. His inspiration behind his artworks are the things that makes him feel good and he believes that he can spread this idea (always do whatever makes you feel good) to others.


The Fetish Coloring Book is a 50 page English coloring book which contains a little twist of dirty mind illustrations. It also contains naked men and women, obscure sex positions and more. Magnus believes that this book can be a way for men to explore the world of sex since they are inclined in watching adult movies.. The artist thinks that plain nudity in drawings are a bit boring so he added some naughty touches to it.

Not only full of coloring pages but it contains activities too such as a running game of “Try to Find the Pussy” and many more. Some people think that this can be a part of sex education which some also contradicts because of its excessive naughtiness and sexual fetishes.

This book can make you laugh out loud which makes it a great gift. It can be a perfect gift for bachelorette parties, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other important occasions. It’s too kinky and can stimulate your partner for a more exciting plan after the party.


  • Hardcore and naughty illustrations
  • Hilarious
  • Thick pages


  • NSFW
  • Disturbing and offending for others


This Fetish Coloring Book contains hardcore and naughty illustrations which makes it a pornographic book. You have to be careful on who you give it to. It can be a nice joke gift for your friend or partner as drawings on it are hilarious. You can bring it along with you on bachelorette parties, hangout with friends and sleepovers.

While coloring with your partner, there are many raunchy pages that can be disturbing and may stimulate your inner desires. It can bring you and your partner to another world of playful sex and exploration.

The details of the book are not that intricate but it caters to the whole concept or motif of the book’s subject matter. It also have thick pages which is a good thing for coloring books as to avoid getting marks or leakage on the next page. On the other hand, this coloring book is not safe for work and must not be seen by young adults and children.

Their beliefs might be distorted and might tickle their curiosity which is not appropriate for their age. Be careful on giving this as a gift as some people may find it disturbing and might get offended by the illustrations in it.

Possible Alternatives

Since many men are patronizing or are into pornographic coloring books as their way to reduce stress and be stimulated, many artists got into this concept; one of them is James Alexander who is known for his coloring books that contains swear and kinky words. His Slutty Coloring book is published to cater those people who are into swear words as a means of relaxation.

It is also not advisable to be seen by ages below 18 as it contains inappropriate content. It contains many slutty phrases that is interesting and fun to color but it is strictly for adults only.

James Alexander also made a PDF copy of the book so you can print it and post it on your desk or anywhere as long as you’ll be held liable for young adults as some of it is really inappropriate. It is also advisable to use ultra-fine pencils or markers when coloring as the illustrations are intricate and detailed. In addition, it contains animals such as kittens, puppies and other baby animals which makes it a little cute.

This is a very simple coloring book. It is not that fancy and the designs may be repetitive and has limited variety on the backgrounds too. So if you’re into a more detailed dirty one, you can find more in the market or online.


This Fetish Coloring Book is perfect for everyone who wants to spice up their gifts for their partners and maybe a gag gift for friends. It can bring stimulation which can lead to sexual desiresand is also known as a way to relieve stress. Some people bring it to dinner dates with their partner as a gift and as a signal after the date where some people makes this coloring book an activity for foreplay. It can also be a source for new ideas of sex foreplays and explorations.

It also contains equal amount of men and women because the artist believes that gender is not important when having sex as long as both of them likes it so there are no biases in this book. It also connotes that all men are equal so we should stop judging each other. Everyone should be responsible in having this kind of book as it is not acceptable to just place it anywhere as it is not appropriate for young adults and children.

Also, be responsible enough in giving this as a gift as it can be disturbing and offending to others. It may not be part of the norms of others and it can be considered by some as deviant.

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