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Color by Number Sheets for Adults Creative Haven Mandalas

Color by Number Sheets for Adults: Creative Haven Mandalas Review

There is this type of coloring that is mostly used in schools. Color by Number or Color by Letter is best known for children as it helps incorporate learning and having fun. Children are able to follow the instructions on which color to put on the picture. .

Basically, color by number is a method wherein you color based on the corresponding color assigned to each number. Once you finish it, the bigger picture will be revealed.

Color by Number Sheets for Adults: Creative Haven Mandalas is produced by a company who are known for their bestselling books. They offer different illustrations, series and books. Since this coloring book features Mandalas, it can be a source of constructive healing too.

Many believe that Mandala meditation can perform that kind of healing because when you’re creating or designing your own mandala it can represent wholeness and the circles are known as the touchstone in growth and change. In addition, color by number sheets have its benefits wherein adults can be reminded of the importance of following instructions and be able to see things through the end with satisfaction.


Color by Number Sheets for Adults: Creative Haven Mandalas is one of the best-selling adult books in the market or online (Amazon, EBay and etc.). It’s a good idea that Mandalas are incorporated in this type of color by number sheets because they are really fun to color.

They are also challenging because the designs are intricately drawn and it is recommended to use markers, ultra-fine pens and colored pencil to bring out the best result. This coloring book contains 46 illustrations that are perfectly designed for adults. It provides inspiration, artistic freedom and fulfillment as well.

One Mandala is printed per page and it is made from premium high quality perforated paper wherein you can easily remove and display in your room. The mandalas in each page are 7.25 inches in size. The color keys includes shades of black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and brown.

You can also color each mandala in your own design and not color it by number but it is still better if you follow it to bring out the best results. Moreover, following the color code can be a good way to lessen stress in deciding which color they should be.


  • Made up of premium high quality paper
  • Perforated pages
  • Intricate mandala illustrations
  • Unique color combinations


  • Numbers are printed light and small
  • Markers can leave a mark and affect the next page


Color by Number Sheets for Adults: Creative Haven Mandalas’ unique color combinations will let you learn new ideas and patterns since it contains 46 distinct color mixtures. It is easy to decide on what color the mandala should be because it has its own number color key to follow but it still depends on you whether you will follow it or not.

Its perforated pages are really a good thing because you can remove it once you finish coloring it and you display it anywhere you want and others might be interested too.

On the contrary, the numbers are printed small, light and faint and in some instance magnifying glass should be used in order to see it properly. After coloring the page, if you colored it lightly, the numbers on it may still be visible and it may spoil the beauty of the design.

The color keys are placed inside the front cover so it can be difficult to color and flip the pages from time to time. Markers can leave a mark on the next page which is a bad thing so you have to place another sheet at the back to avoid damaging the next page.

Possible Alternative

Dover Publications offer a wide array of creative haven color by number coloring books. If you’re not into Mandalas and its designs, there are other options to choose from. There are plenty categories available such as floral designs, landscapes, wildlife, animals, sea life, still life and many more.

Creative Haven Wildlife Coloring Book can be also one of your choices if you’re an animal lover. It contains 46 pages of animals which includes moose, jaguars, kangaroos, lions and many other animals across the globe. It is also perforated so you can use it to design your room.

Another coloring book by Creative Haven is the American Landscapes theme which is mainly composed of beautiful American sites and sceneries. It is also a 46 pages book which includes the Boulder Mountain, National Monument, Fossil Butte and many other historical and tourist sites.

Lastly, creative haven has a still life theme on its color by numbers collection. Basically, it also includes 46 pages of still life images like fruits, table, flowers and many other traditional and well known still life designs.


Color by Number Sheets for Adults: Creative Haven Mandalas is a really good choice for a coloring book because it contains intricately designed mandalas which can give you relaxation as you color it. It can also give you a sense of fulfillment because it is color coded.

It’s as if you’re playing a game and there’s an end goal that you want to pursue. Its material is a perforated premium high quality paper which you can remove and use as a design to your own room and you can also put a frame on it to make it look like your own masterpiece.

Although, there are some drawbacks from this coloring book like the tiny and faint numbers on it, it’s still a good choice even if it debunks the idea to color it by number to reveal the unique color combinations of each mandala.

Also, it can cause some color leaks on the next page so just prevent it by putting some extra sheet under the page you’re coloring.  Finishing it can lessen your stress, give you satisfaction and meditative healing as well (from concepts of Mandalas).

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