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Cannabis Coloring Book Cannabis Fantasy

Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy Review

Coloring books have recently enjoyed a renewed popularity even among adults. As such there has also been a rise in coloring books with more mature themes, which people must be careful in giving away as gifts to the youth. An example is the Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy

Featuring mostly mariajuana, the Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy  is capitalizing on the more relaxed attitude on this substance.  This book theme is also a playful jab on coloring books’ ability to induce relaxation, an effect of  cannabis use.  The artist behind this Cannabis Coloring Book is named “Re” which a pop culture artist is bringing his popular images to date.


Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy is for adults only and is not suitable for children. It contains 20 unique and detailed illustrations that can awaken a person’s inner artist. It is intricately design to make people be inclined and involve with the works of art which can mold and enhance their creativity.

The artist made this coloring a challenging art project because each images would take many hours to complete. It makes people think about color combinations, color contrast and overall color schemes for each pattern. Some of it also contains hidden word messages and that makes the book more interesting.

It is printed on one side only so there will be no worries of bleeding through to the next page. Since it is printed on one page, it will be easy for you to remove it and place it anywhere you like whether in your living room or bedroom but make sure that there are no children in your house because it is not appropriate for them to learn about it. They might misinterpret it as an endorsement of the substance so be careful.

Also, the artist was the first to advocate the use of hemp paper for coloring books which led to a wide creation of counter-cultural coloring books.


  • Intricate and unique designs
  • High quality of paper


  • Some lines are blurry
  • Low quality of images


The concept of this Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy might get the attention of most consumers given the controversial topic of the book. But it’s undeniable thatcoloring books do help in relaxation and reduction of stress.

Coloring Books with the motif or theme of cannabis is a way better than using marijuana because it is not yet legalized in most parts of the world and its benefits are still debatable. On contrary, it might make a person feel the want to use cannabis if they are coloring it since it can run many questions in your mind.

The intricate and unique designs of this coloring book are from the pop culture artist named “Re”. He is well known for unique coloring books that enlarge the creative energies of people. Also, since he is the first to market and use hemp paper, this coloring book is also of high quality. On the other hand, some people complain about the low quality of images in these coloring books.

In addition, since it’s intricately designed, some lines are blurry and pixelated. Also, some of the coloring areas are small enough to color which may give a difficult time for the colorist.

Possible Alternatives

There are many coloring books that feature cannabis. Artist Gem Ginger is one of the advocates to legalize cannabis because of its recreational and medicinal benefits. She published a coloring book titled “Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book.” This contains different scenarios on the use of cannabis and its positive impact  on a person

Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book focuses on the concept of cannabis and its recreational and medicinal uses  It is composed of 13 images that are fun and relaxing such as Eve in the Garden of Eden smoking an apple, a deviant play on this scenario. There are also

and  plus bonus activities such as logic games, word searches and word scrambles. It is also made up of high quality paper and you can use crayons and markers on it. Many people appreciate its designs not only because of the concept but the artistic design as well.


Cannabis Coloring Book: Cannabis Fantasy can  bring relaxation with its combination of coloring book activity and the concept of marijuana. Even though the illustrations in this coloring book are intricate and detailed, some of the images are of low quality and most of the lines are blurry so it’s not a good choice.

There are many great alternatives for this cannabis concept coloring book. If you really want a cannabis-themed, Gem Ginger’s cannabis concept coloring book and The Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book are better alternatives.

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