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Best Coloring Posters for Adults Mandala Madness

Best Coloring Posters for Adults: Mandala Madness Review

Nowadays, adult coloring books are trending and that is because it is a great way to reduce stress. According to psychologists, coloring relaxes the brain’s fear center which is the amygdala. It’s not just because of this benefit that we participate in coloring, but it’s actually fun too. Coloring has also been included by numerous psychologists as a part of their therapy. One of them is the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The best coloring poster for adults would be the Mandala Madness. Mandalas are abstract designs and it represents wholeness.

The word “Mandala” means circle and it can be seen in all aspects of life whether the Earth, Sun, and Moon and also the circle of life which is our family and friends. There’s a so called thing as mandala meditation wherein you can create, design or color your own mandala. This process will not only bring out our creativity but it is also believed that it can perform constructive healing too.

Coloring mandalas can describe the character and wholeness of a person creating it. Mandalas are circular and circles are known as a touchstone in one’s growth and change.


The features of Mandala Madness that Stuff2color offers is that it is a giant-sized coloring poster which measures 32.5 inches by 22 inches. Having a poster this big can decorate your room wonderfully. This giant coloring poster contains 15 incredibly detailed mandalas with clean lines that can be colored and designed based on your own preference.

Since it contains different mandalas, you can have your own color combinations and designs. It’s a white, heavy pound paper and it is individually rolled and wrapped.  It’s neat looking upon arriving on your doorstep.

Knowing that there’s a thing called mandala meditation, this poster can be shared as a project too. Its enormous size can be colored by 3 or more people at the same time. It can be a source of fun and enjoyment and also a great way to keep those gadgets away. Most of the time people are busy with their gadgets and tend to forget the value of time with their loved ones.

Having this mandala poster will not only keep you busy but it can also be a means of bonding with your family and friends. Coloring and chatting may be best for your weekends when all the members of the family are at home.


  • Huge poster
  • Wonderfully made details
  • Durable


  • Sad when finished


This Mandala Madness coloring poster is really worth the price.  Stuff2color made this poster series a beautifully detailed one because it’s made and designed by their brilliant artists. Since it’s made up of 15 different mandalas, it can keep you busy for days. Each mandala are challenging as well which may let you think on what color to apply to them.

This coloring poster’s material has a good quality which make it perfect to put up on your wall. The paper’s durability is excellent. It will not break even if you use a color pencil and erase it multiple times

This is a great activity that you can do with your family and friends and would surely provide hours of entertainment. Some psychological sessions that help in improving one’s self and character uses mandalas as a part of their therapy.

On the contrary, it’s really sad when you finish it. For some it’s quite addicting because once you finish it, you will still want more but there is that sense of fulfillment. There may even be some people who has their rooms covered in mandalas.

Possible Alternatives

Coloring posters for adults have many designs too, not just mandalas and some abstract layouts. It can be your favorite cartoon character, favorite painting or even customized name, phrases or sayings. Many companies offer giant coloring posters not only for wall designs but as a source of creativity and learning as well.

Doesn’t having fun while learning sound like a great idea? The company’s designs or layout they produce varies as well as the materials to make a durable and quality paper for a poster.

Some of the posters that are sold in the market/online are Van Gogh’s Starry Night, World Map, customized name art, animals and cartoon characters as well. Indeed, a great fun family activity which can entertain the whole gang and can be a source of learning too. It means that learning in terms of creativity and on the subject of the poster.

An example, Van Gogh’s Starry Night poster can be a source of learning since some members of the family might be curious on who Van Gogh is and what the inspiration is behind the masterpiece. Storytelling might be a part of the activity too; it can broaden the knowledge of a family member.


As a final verdict, it is recommended to buy a coloring poster for the family because it has great benefits. The Mandalas Madness coloring poster is a good choice to buy because it has 15 different detailed designs. Since it’s a detailed art, it can be challenging but fun.

The artists that created this Mandala Madness poster excellently designed it to suit everybody’s taste. You can experiment with color combinations as well since the paper is high quality and durable so it won’t get easily damaged or broken.
Coloring posters is a great activity for weekend hangouts, bonding with family and friends, and during vacation. It will not just provide hours of fun, but it will also keep those gadgets away. Away from the internet, social media and computer games which will benefit everyone in the family.

You can use this mandala madness coloring poster as a part of your meditation. It can express and reflect your character and inner self, just by coloring and designing those posters. It can enhance your creativity, fine motor skills and also trains your brain to focus. Indeed, a perfect way to de-stress and keep yourself busy.

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