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Best coloring books for adults

Best coloring books for adults

Coloring is one of the most relaxing, concentration demanding, and therapeutic activities one can do during a past time. It is an activity that is enjoyed by children and adults equally. In today’s perpetual connection savvy world, people have turned their coloring past times into a passion that they share with everyone on their social media.

Coloring has turned into an outlet through which people share their versions of the same doodles and scenarios by giving them their own flavor. Hundreds of communities have been established that share their own designs of the same coloring books to compare to, and be inspired by.

But being an adult has its perks, the quirky and happy go lucky coloring books for children do not even compare to absurdity, funny, kinky, and fantastical scenarios and stories in the coloring books for adults. Some of these books are filled with brilliant and massively engaging characters and scenarios, which will challenge you by every turn.

Some of them are bound to make you roll in laughter and take our stress onto. Some of them are filled with creatively complex patterns and designs that will take you on a color trip.

And so, here are three of the best coloring books for adults that we would like to recommend.

Calm the fuck down – An irreverent Adult coloring book

Calm the fuck down is an adult swear word coloring book by Sasha O’Hara, second in her adult coloring book series. It is filled with 21 single sided pages filled with abstract doodles of animals, people, creatures; each of which, come with their own profane quirks, like: “Home is where the vodka is”, “Dance like no one is watching”, and “Suck it up buttercup”.

This book is meant for being enjoyed when the life’s never ending problems take too much out of you. You can use any kind of colors to fill this book and get inspired by hundreds of already shared pages on

The book is funny, artistically beautiful, and profane at the same time.


  • Great for relaxation, spending time concentrating on an amusing activity.
  • Comes with two sample color pages, to give you an idea to base your imagination on.


  • It contains highly profane language that cannot fall into the hands of the children.
  • If you are not a fan of profane quirky humor, then this book is not for you.

Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Drawn fantastically by Dan Morris, this adult coloring book contains 50 brilliant animal designs made entirely by complex and psychedelic patterns. Working on this book will introduce you to animals from all over the world from many separate habitats including deserts, grasslands, swamps, forests, mountains and more!

The sketches range from beginner to expert level drawings on which you can use all kinds of intricate color combinations to make them look as fantastical as possible. This book is excellent for people being introduced to formalism art expression.


  • The book contains a good number of amazing animal designs, which will introduce to many different animals in beautifully drawn psychedelic patterns. You will be able to use your imagination to fill these designs in hundreds of colorful patterns.
  • This book will teach you, challenge you as the pages go, and finally will help you find your own separate style of coloring. So, it is an amazing book for people just being introduced to adult coloring.


  • It is no good if you are not particularly fan of psychedelic patterns or suffer from any form of epilepsy.
  • It might a big challenge for those who just want to color in small free times.

Amazing Swirls: Coloring Book For Adults

By the talented artist and author Elena Bogdanovych, this book contains picturesque illustrations of beautiful plants, animals, flowers and patterns; all in the style of swirls. It’s a calming, and relaxing activity to color this book.

With its thick pages, no matter the type of color you use, water colors, markers, color pencils, color pens, etc, and no matter how much strength you put in your strokes, there will be no leakage. It will challenge you and help you learn complex coloring as the level of designs increases by the page.

All in all, it is a book you will spend hours enjoying your own increasing coloring skills while being lost in the natural swirls.


  • This book will relax you and let you color the pages in pure serenity. Your coloring skills will increase dramatically.
  • It comes with a special PDF with more compilations of design, that be easily printed, so that the coloring never stops.


  • The book only contains one drawing style, swirls, and lacks the variety of any other drawing styles. So in a way, it restricts your growth as a coloring artist.

All of these books are brilliant in their own rights. Calm the fuck down is all about giving you an outlet of taking your anger and frustration out, while being entertained by magical animals, creatures, and people giving you funny and empathetic quirks; but all in a profanely amusing language.

Stress relieving animal designs teleport you to another dimension, filled with beautiful animal designs found all over the world; the psychedelic designs entertain you, challenge you, and expand your coloring horizons.

While finally, Amazing swirls is all about swirling designs of plants, animals, and patterns in a single form; so that you can become quite good at coloring in swirls and master your own developing style by the practicing the printable designs.

But, the best adult coloring book among them, in our earnest opinion, would be ‘Calm the Fuck Down’ by Sasha O’Hara. The reason for which is that, the book does not just contain the humorously clever profane quirks, but also contains empathetic animals, people, and creatures that talk to us.

And as we color them, we give them our own imagination of them, a part of us, which no one else could have done. And so, they become even more real, so the activity does not just relax you, but also lets you create life like pieces of art.

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