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Best Adult Coloring Book 140 Pages of Amazing Designs

Best Adult Coloring Book: 140 Pages of Amazing Designs Review

Best Adult Coloring Book: 140 Pages of Amazing Designs is one of the bestselling coloring books in online shopping because of its huge size with 68 designs. Many people are buying coloring books because it has many benefits aside from fun and entertainment. It can help in reducing stress and anxiety, can stimulate the analytical and creative sides of the brain and it can be a sort of meditation and therapy.

It can also bring relaxation and be yourself while coloring because there are no guidelines or instructions to follow, you just have to use the creative juices from your brain.

Having this huge double sized coloring book can be a great tool for social activities too. It can be used during hangouts, sleepovers and social gatherings to provide fun and entertainment. Some pictures in the coloring book can be a source of learning for the Family.

Children might want to hear more about the theme or drawing in the coloring book so parent-child bonding will also be a part of it. Its meditative benefit can bring inner peace and relaxation as well.


Best Adult Coloring Book: 140 Pages of Amazing Designs contains one unique design per page with blank pages at the back. Their reason on having a blank page at the back is to avoid color leakage on the next page and they can remove or tear it off if they wish to use it as a design or decoration.

They also believe that this kind of coloring book can be used as a drawing or sketch pad as they can draw whatever they want on the blank pages of the book. It’s indeed a great instrument to reduce stress and draw your feelings and imagination.

This coloring book also offers a wide variety of designs which includes mandalas, floral patterns, geometric patterns and shapes, stained glass and many other interesting designs to color. Since it’s like a 2 way book, wherein you can color and draw, it’s suitable for all ages and color enthusiasts.

Children can freely doodle at the back while his/her brother can color on the opposite side, a great way to bond with the family. It is manufactured with premium high quality paper and its paper is thicker than normal office papers.


  • Suits all ages
  • 2 way coloring and drawing book
  • 68 unique designs
  • Huge double sized


  • Misinterpretation of the advertisement, 140 pages but with 68 designs only.
  • Easy coloring, no challenging designs to color


Best Adult Coloring Book: 140 Pages of Amazing Designs doesn’t stand up for its title because many people might misinterpret it. They think that it contains 140 pages with designs but in reality, it only contains 68 pages with designs to color on.

The back of the pages with design is blank for many purposes plus the front and back covers are plus 4 so a total of 140 pages. Some adults might not like it because it is easy to color and it’s not thrilling or challenging at all. It is highly recommended for children even if it says that it suits all ages.

On the other hand, it is huge double sized so there can be two person doodling and coloring the book at the same time. Siblings or friends can have a good quality time together expressing and sharing their creative input with each other. Also, the 68 pages that have illustrations are unique and wonderfully conceptualized thus making it a good decoration for rooms.

It is perforated too like other coloring books so you should not worry on leaving crumpled edges when you remove. In addition, the paper is made up of premium quality which is thicker than normal school or office papers.

Possible Alternative

Coloring books are the latest trend in the market because of its benefits. It can help parents discipline their children to stay away from gadgets. It can stimulate both sides of the brain and can enhance fine motor skills as well. Companies are producing many options for toddlers, children, young adults and adults too.

If you’re into Mandalas, there are plenty of suppliers in Amazon that are selling adult coloring books. One of which is The Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Set. It is a good buy because it comes with coloring materials and a sharpener too. Coloring mandalas can be a form of meditation as many psychologists claims that it can really calm and give relaxation to a person.

There’s also an adult coloring book for those who are religious and wants to express their faith through coloring and drawing which is The Station of the Cross coloring book by Drawn to Faith. This coloring book can be a way to remember the stories, passages and verses in the Bible as it depicts the Stations of the Cross. A great way to tell Bible stories to children while they are having fun coloring.


As a final verdict, Best Adult Coloring Book: 140 Pages of Amazing Designs is not highly recommended for adults who want challenge in rendering colors. There are many coloring books available in the market that have intricate and more challenging designs wherein you will use ultra-fine coloring pens to perfectly color illustrations and images. Also, there are different themes of coloring books that you might want to consider that will perfectly suit your taste and interest.

Young adults can benefit from this product because it’s a 2 way coloring book. They can color those 68 designs and doodle on the blank pages thus bringing out their creativity. In addition, it can be used for family bonding, sharing their thoughts and creativity.

It can also serve as a therapy since coloring is proven to reduce stress and provide relaxation. It’s like a meditation because you focus on it and you can do whatever you want without guidelines or instructions. It’s all up to you on what type of color combination or design you want to use.

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