Beautiful Coloring Pages for Adult Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns

Beautiful Coloring Pages for Adults: Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns Review

The rise in stress levels have encouraged people to find ways to combat it. Coloring books are a simple and cheap way to reduce stress The Beautiful Coloring Pages for Adults: Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns is a great example of using coloring sessions for stress management.

Mandalas are circular patterns and circles are known as a touchstone of a person’s growth and change. These circles can be seen in all aspects of life–Earth, Sun, Moon or the circle of life which is our family and friends.

Many believe in mandala meditation wherein you create, design and color your own mandala to bring out one’s creativity and perform constructive healing. Also, coloring mandalas can describe the character and wholeness of a person creating it.

Mandalas are known as circular abstract designs that represent wholeness. Different sources claim that coloring Mandalas can bring out focus and relaxation too.


Beautiful Coloring Pages for Adults: Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns is a coloring book by the Lilt Kids,  an independent publisher that produces both children and adult coloring book. This Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns contain original and intricate designs that Lilt Kids claims can make people vibrant, focus, centered and at peace.

It is composed of 21 beautifully made illustrations with plenty of blank pages for doodling and adding some special touches. Once you purchased this book, there’s a downloadable copy in pdf format so you can reprint the pages you want to design again.

It doesn’t only contain small and intricate detailed designs but some easy to color images too so whatever your mood is this book can help you. The illustrations are printed on one side only so that when you finish it you can remove it and hang it on your wall.

It is also an advantage that it is printed on high quality paper aside from the fact that it is made up of high quality paper it can also avoid bleed through the next page so you will not have to worry if the next drawing will be damaged. It is also in a beautiful matte cover and it is a squared shape book.


  • It comes with a downloadable pdf format
  • Printed on one side only
  • Beautiful matte cover


  • Printed on thin paper
  • Cover image doesn’t reflect on the inside
  • Low quality of images
  • Some lines are blurry


Beautiful Coloring Pages for Adults: Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns can be a great choice if you want to start coloring as a hobby and to reduce stress. It can give you almost unlimited opportunities to experiment with your own color combinations and special touches because it comes with a free downloadable pdf format online.

You can also make it an activity for your kids since it can be reprinted and they can color together with the same design and express their own creativity.

On the other hand, it claims  of using high quality paper is overstated as colors may bleed through the next page so it is advisable to put another sheet underneath it.The images are beautiful and detailed but there are a few flaws.  Some mandala enthusiasts have also questioned some of the facts stated on the cover.

Possible Alternatives

There are many beautiful coloring pages for adults that are available in the market or you can just buy them online. If you want to go with Lilt Kids publishing company, they offer an alternative for this sacred mandala designs and patterns coloring book.

The Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns coloring book comes in different volume. One volume focuses on more detailed designs and patterns with 21 illustrations to color. On the other hand, some of the illustrations in this book are the same with other volumes but it contains more intricate designs.

Moreover, there’s a coloring book that mainly focuses on animals and it contains many beautiful creatures. It is a grey scale coloring book so it makes it different from  other normal coloring books since the grey areas will guide you on how dark the color should be.


As a final verdict, this Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns coloring book is not highly recommended for everyone due to the low quality of materials and illustrations.  Plus, the title in the cover says that it contains mandalas but most of the pictures don’t contain any mandalas at all.

Some  bought this  to try coloring mandalas for meditation It is important to determine first your preference of coloring book because from the abundance of options. So if you want a coloring book based on your own preference, it is highly suggested to look first on the internet and read some reviews on the product before you purchase it so you will not be disappointed.

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