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Bear Coloring Book

Bear Coloring Book Review

Many people are fond of animals particularly cute furry ones. However, some of these cute animals are not ideal pets and are best left in the wild such as bears. Animal lovers can still admire these creatures from a distance. One such way is through coloring books such as the Bear Coloring Book

Developed by Coloring Books Now, which also publishes a variety of coloring books from mandalas to dinosaurs,  the Bear Coloring books will best suit adults who are into animals and different designs. It includes 40 Paisley and Henna Bear illustrations. Some of it are in Mehdi and henna style designs with different types of bear.

Mehdi is the henna design counterpart in Asia specifically in India and its neighbor countries. It is a skin decoration often used during celebrations, occasion or festivities.

The Bear Coloring Book suits all ages from children to adults. It is printed on one page only to prevent bleed through, marks on the back page and to be used as a decoration by removing the finished page And hanging it on your wall.

The different types of bear that is included in this bookare the grizzly, panda, polar bears and many other images. Aside from paisley, henna styles, it has mandala styles as well which makes it a great buy because of the wide variety of choices.


  • Printed on one side
  • 40 unique and beautiful designs


  • None


The Bear Coloring Book is a great buy due to its suitability for all ages. It has 82 pages with 40 unique and beautiful designs which can provide hours of fun and enjoyment. Some of the pages contain madala drawings, which are colored by some for relaxation and mediatation. It also includes designs based on traditional Indian arts which let you feel and experience their culture.

Possible Alternatives

If you’re an animal lover specifically a bear lover, there are many variations of coloring books that you can choose and purchase. Scott Casterson’s adult bear coloring book is a paperback that contains 42 mostly of polar bears. However, the quality of illustrations are low due to blurriness and pixilation Rather than a stress relieving activity, it can be more stressful because of the low quality.

On the other hand, Dover Coloring offers a stained glass teddy bear coloring book which can suit your taste.  It has 16 pages of cute little bears some with honey jars, holding a balloon and more printed on a translucent paper. This coloring book however is more for children with adults likely to get bored with it quicker.


As a final verdict, the Bear Coloring Book by Coloring Books Now can be a great choice for everyone since it caters to all ages. There are unique and beautifully detailed designs in it including Mehdi, henna and mandala designs which can bring out your creativity and inner artist.

It is a good choice for people who are looking for a bear themed coloring book because there are few good alternatives for this kind of book. Also, it is printed in one page so no worries at all plus there are no cons on buying this coloring book.

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