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Paint By Numbers for Adult Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks

Paint By Numbers for Adult: Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks Review

Coloring by numbers is commonly used in schools to incorporate learning into creativity.  Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks believes that adults can still use this method to cultivate their artistic side and has come up with Paint by Numbers for Adult.

For this, aspiring painters may purchase Dimensions Needlecrafts’ kits, which include a paint brush, high quality acrylic paints and accessories to produce the artwork. The kits also include detailed guides, which are also available online, on proper use. The kits may be purchased from your local craft stores or online.

The Dimensions Needlecraft: Hummingbird set is ideal for starters. It has easy to follow instructions and doesn’t contain very intricate details to execute This hummingbird design also makes it relaxing to the eye with a refreshing nature scene.



  • Suitable for adults
  • Comes with a kit that includes acrylic paints and a brush


  • Not on a canvas cardboard
  • Some paints clump up
  • Need to purchase a larger and smaller brush


Dimensions Needlecrafts paint by numbers kit is recommended for beginners who want to try painting as a hobby. Aside from enhancing one’s fine motor skills, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety. The kits are challenging enough for beginners and give a sense of accomplishment upon finishing it.

Still, you would need to invest on additional tools and materials to improve your output. Even though the kit comes with a brush, for a better output you need to purchase another larger brush and a small fine brush. There are a couple of details that need to be painted with only small amount of paint so a small fine brush is advised.  The acrylic paints if not mixed well tend to clump. There is also no canvas unlike other kits.

Possible Alternatives

Dimensions Needlecrafts offers a wide variety of alternatives and design for those people who have different taste and preference. They offer paint by number kits that are suitable for beginners, mid-level and experienced painters. All of the kit includes acrylic paints, guidelines and a brush which it makes a good option for consumers who are starting to do painting as a hobby.

They have different designs aside from the Hummingbird. These designs include Canoe by the Lake, Willow Spring Beauty, Christmas on the Beach, Vintage Collectibles, Hollyhock Gate, Reflections and many other artistic and unique designs. The Canoe by the Lake is scene wherein a traveler takes a rest from his adventure on a rocky edge of the lake.

Also, the Willow Spring Beauty is a scene of a beautiful pond in a lazy afternoon. In addition, the Christmas on the Beach ishows a perfect spot for lovers to spend their Christmas on the beach. Almost all of Dimensions Needlecrafts Paint by Number painting kits are challenging, fun and also brings relaxation while painting. They also cater to different events and occasions as well which makes it as a perfect gift all year round.


As a final verdict, it is highly recommended for beginners to buy this paint by number coloring kit specifically the Hummingbird t But for experienced painters, Dimensions Needlecraft also offers more challenging and intricate designs. The kit can save up your time on deciding which color goes to each detail  With its user guide

Even though there are some drawbacks in this paint by number coloring kit, it can still be a good to go. You can resolve these slight issues by purchasing big and small brushes and high quality paints.

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