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  • Weird Coloring Books The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults

    Weird Coloring Books: The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults Review

    Different types of people and different preferences are being considered in every industry in order for them to sell their products. It doesn’t mean that if they are the minority group they shouldn’t have the satisfaction that the majority consumers has. are suitable for those who are somewhat deviant in[…]

  • Teen Coloring Books Good Vibes Coloring Book

    Teen Coloring Books: Good Vibes Coloring Book Review

    Coloring books used to be only for children only, but there is a recent trend of teens of getting into this as well. Psychologist states that there are many benefits on coloring especially for teen who are into gadgets and technology. They claim that coloring can be a substitute for[…]

  • Stained Glass Coloring Book for Adults The Stations of the Cross

    Stained Glass Coloring Book for Adults: The Stations of the Cross Review

    Several types of coloring book are being sold in the market. They differ on purpose, concept and materials as well. Surely, when you think about stained glass, the first thing that comes into your mind is the illustrations found in Churches. adopted that concept wherein incorporating the Church’s stained glass[…]

  • Sexy Coloring Books Babes, Buds & Blunts

    Sexy Coloring Books: Babes, Buds & Blunts Review

    Adult coloring books are the latest trend since many people are making it part of their free time. It’s their way to reduce stress and have fun. Many coloring books manufacturers and entrepreneurs are making it more interesting by adding different variants and purposes to it. Some are making coloring[…]

  • Pokémon Coloring Book

    Pokémon Coloring Book Review

    There are plenty of coloring book themes available in the market today. Those featuring cartoons are some of the most popular and among these Those based on the popular 90s show Pokémon Is among the best sellers. will definitely be in demand in the market today since many people from[…]

  • Paint By Numbers for Adult Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks

    Paint By Numbers for Adult: Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks Review

    Coloring by numbers is commonly used in schools to incorporate learning into creativity.  Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks believes that adults can still use this method to cultivate their artistic side and has come up with Paint by Numbers for Adult. For this, aspiring painters may purchase Dimensions Needlecrafts’ kits, which include[…]

  • Most Difficult Coloring Books Coloring Animal Mandalas

    Most Difficult Coloring Books: Coloring Animal Mandalas Review

    Those looking for a challenging coloring book can depend on getting a tough one in the Most Difficult Coloring Books: Coloring Animal Mandalas. Developed by professional coloring book maker Wendy Piersall for Ulysses Press, , offers a unique challenge with its depeiction of the animals as mandalas. Features It is[…]

  • Japanese Coloring Book: Fairy Tale

    Japanese Coloring Book: Fairy Tale Review

    Japanese are known for their manga, anime shows and illustrations. A Japanese illustrator named Tomoko Tashiro incorporated fairy tales in his artworks which resulted to a . He also works in Shiseido as a package designer. Being passionate with creative designing, he made a coloring book with a fairy tale[…]

  • Hard Coloring Books for Adults Animals in Detail

    Hard Coloring Books for Adults: Animals in Detail Review

    Many adults into coloring books prefer challenging pieces that can stimulate both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Hard Coloring Books for Adults: Animals in Details is one example which challenges you to bring your coloring skills to the next with its collection of detailed facial and skin features[…]

  • Dirty Coloring Pages The Fetish Coloring Book

    Dirty Coloring Pages: The Fetish Coloring Book Review

    Coloring books is an activity used to relax and reduce stress. Artists illustrated how dirty minds can be into a coloring book. Dirty Coloring Pages: The Fetish Coloring Book can give you a stimulating and fun activity which you can color in your own fantasy. It will not only bring[…]

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